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Fair Entry Rules & Regulations

1.   Open Show Competitions (Departments A1, B1, C1 and D1 ONLY) are open to 

      anyone who can exhibit their animal WITHOUT assistance.  Market Steers (Dept.          A2), Dairy Steers (Dept. B2), Market Goats (Dept. C2), Market Lambs (Dept. D2)          and Commercial Ewes (Dept. D3) are NOT Open Shows.  These and all other                competitions are open to Junior Exhibitors ONLY.

2.   Junior Show Competitions (all Departments except A1, B1, C1, and D1) are subject

      to the following rules on age or grade:

      a. All youth exhibitors must be members of 4-H or FFA by January 1, 2024.

      b. Competition is limited to either 4-H members who were enrolled in the fourth

          grade or later and FFA members who were enrolled in agriculture education

          courses on January 1 of current calendar year and who have not reached the

          end of the calendar year of their high school graduation or the end of the

          calendar year of their 20th birthday, whichever comes first.

      c. When grade divisions are used, the exhibitors should enter the grade he or she

          was enrolled in as of January 1 of the current year. 

3.   Only 2023-2024 projects may be exhibited and only work done since the fair last

      year is eligible.

4.   Exhibitors may enter only one (1) entry per lot, except livestock which has a 

      maximum of two (2) entries per lot.

5.   Items except livestock must be made or grown by exhibitor.

6.   All animals must be cared for and fed by exhibitor.  Feed will be furnished by the


7.   All entries must be in place before assigned judging.

8.   All livestock entries must be in place as listed in the catalog for each individual


9.   At the conclusion of the fair, the exhibitor must claim and take charge of exhibits.

      Claim checks must be presented before an exhibit can be removed.

10. The right is reserved to withhold any award where it appears fraud or deception

      has been made.  Judges' discretion will be used in opening canned items if fraud

      or deception is expected.

11. The fair management reserves the right to interpret the rules and regulations and

      to settle all questions that may arise.

12. No articles made from kits will be accepted as eligible entries unless specified in

      specific category.

13. All protests must be in writing to the president accompanied by an affidavit setting

      forth the grounds for protesting.

14. Protest against the exhibition of any entry must be filed at least two (2) hours

      before the lot is judged and will be considered and determined before the judging

      of said lot.

15. Protests against an award must be filed within 23 hours after the show on the day

      the award is made and will be determined at the first meeting of the rules


16. These rules apply to all departments, except where noted and should be read by

      every exhibitor, who should govern himself accordingly.  The fair reserves the

      sole and absolute right to construe its own rules and regulations and to determine

      arbitrarily all matters and differences in regard thereto, from which no appeal lies.

17. In the event of conflict of general and specific rules, the latter will govern.

18. All property of every character, whether entered for exhibition, display or sale, or

      any other purpose will be taken into the grounds and buildings and kept entirely at

      risk of the owner, who assumes all responsibility for any loss, damage, theft or

      accident that may occur. Neither the fair nor its officers or agents will be

      responsible for any such loss, damage or theft, and it is directly understood that

      exhibitors, concessionaires and all other persons, firms or corporation having

      property on the grounds and desiring protection from such loss or damage must

      make their own arrangements therefore.

19. The solicitation of funds or the distribution of handbills, political literature, religious

      pamphlets or any type of promotional material is prohibited on fair property unless

      it is given out from rented space.  No posting of advertising material will be allowed

      on the buildings, barns or fences unless approved in writing by the management.

20. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the grounds.

20. No smoking in the barns or exhibit buildings will be allowed.

21. Animals are not permitted on the grounds unless they are part of an authorized

      show or exhibit.  Guide dogs for the disabled are the only exception.


For Livestock Specific rules, please click the link below and see pages 8 and 9 of the catalog.

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